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The Pierce’s Inn is located in Etna, NH. There is lodging capacity for up to 38 guests and ample work space. Outdoor activities at the inn include:

  • Hiking
  • Large lawn for frisbee, kick a soccer ball around, play horseshoes, etc.
  • Tennis courts
  • Nice biking

There is a drum set and piano on the premises. We encourage guests to bring their instruments.

The evenings in New Hampshire can be chilly. (We've already seen it go done near freezing in the evenings.) We suggest that attendees bring warm clothing for the evenings, good shoes for hiking, and rain jackets in case of rain. The innkeepers recommend that guests bring slippers or sandals as the floors are cold.


The Dartmouth Coach has daily busses to/from New York and Boston. We have arranged the hackathon schedule so that it begins shortly after the first bus from NY arrives on Friday and ends shortly before the last bus to NY departs on Sunday. The Dartmouth Coach to/from New York requires reservations. We suggest that tickets are booked early (they may be cancelled up to a day before travel).

We will provide shuttles or some other means of transportation to/from the Dartmouth Coach bus stop and Pierce’s Inn. More info on that is here.

Other travel options include Amtrak (beware: the schedule is not very reliable), Greyhound, and Cape Air out of the Lebanon airport. We encourage participants to post on the ride share page to offer or request car rides.

Advance Transit is the local public bus system. It is free but has limited operating hours. It will not get you to the inn, but it may be useful if you are e.g. taking the Amtrak to White River Junction and need to get from there to Hanover.



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