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So, I have a couple of ideas for how this project could play out. The main concern is to find different 'rises' in Dubstep tracks and to organize them so that they form a Shephard tone. This can obviously be done manually (through rigorous [or fun] chopping and organizing of parts from songs) or it can be done with some automated process.

One possibility is to manually find 'rises' of the same length or beat-count, and then write a program that organizes them sequentially according to changes in pitch. Another possibility is to incorporate something that detects when these 'rises' happen, analyzes their lengths, pitches, etc.

Either way, it's just a thought. It'd be cool if it resulted in a simple fixed media piece or in some sort of system that would maybe make a Shephard tone from one 'rise' and then allow you to add other sound files to be incorporated into the Shephard tone (this could be something interesting to use for live performances and could incorporate some live instrumental input as well).

I'm going to spend some time acquiring…useful…material…(ahem), but feel free to contribute your own if you're interested.

-Carlos Dominguez

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