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Shuttle Info

According to our registration forms, we will have approximately 20 people who want rides to and from the inn. We've rented a minivan that holds 8 passengers, so we will make multiple trips. But if there are any drivers that will have their own cars, we'll be happy to get all the help we can get. If you're willing to help us out, please state so below.


  1. Spencer Topel
  2. Rebecca Shapiro
  3. Elizabeth Piette (I'll be coming from Lebanon/DHMC, if that's a more convenient pick-up spot for you than Hanover)
  4. Tim Straub (room for 3 passengers)

Friday, September 27

To the Inn

If you would like a ride to the inn in Etna, meet us at 2:00 PM at the bus stop directly in front of the Hopkins Center for the Arts. If you are taking a bus to Hanover on the Dartmouth Coach, this is the same place that you will get dropped off. We will have our minivan and a car. The cars will leave for the inn at 2:15 PM.


  • Carlos Dominguez (driving Dartmouth-issued 8 passenger minivan)
  • David Rector (driving tan Lincoln LS with Colorado plates)

This is the list of passengers that we expect to drive to the inn:

# Name Arriving FromGotten
1 Kenshin Maybe Boston X
2 Jianyu Fan Dartmouth X
3 Zach Denton Dartmouth X
4 CJ Carr Boston X
5 Sean Manton Boston Will be late
6 Dennis Heihoff New York X
7 Anastasya Koshkin New York
8 Haider Syed Dartmouth
9 Daniel Piet Boston
10 Angela Kim Dartmouth
11 Rebecca Drapkin Dartmouth X

To/From the Tristan Perich concert

We'll take the minivan, but it will be helpful if those attending the concert who have cars can also assist. We'll leave for the concert at 9 PM and return at 12 AM.

Sunday, September 9

To Hanover

If you would like a ride back to Hanover on Sunday, plan to leave the inn at 3:00 PM.

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