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September 27th
2:00 Meet in front of the Hopkins Center of the Arts for a ride to the inn (leaves at 2:15 PM)
2:00–4:00 Arrive at venue, check in
4:00–6:00 Introductions, project pitches
6:00–7:00 Dinner
7:00-7:30 Optional primers provided: Sensing (Spencer Topel); Signals (Michael Casey); APIs (Andy Sarroff)
7:00–11:00 Hacking! (Use this time to form teams and plan your hack.)
10:00–11:00 Performance by Tristan Perich and The Meehan/Perkins Percussion Duo. (Optional, transportation will be leave the inn at 9:00. More information.)
11:00–12:00 Social hour and music jam session
September 28th
8:00–9:00 Breakfast
9:00–1:00 Hacking!
10:45-12:00 Drive to town for downloads
12:00–1:00 Optional guided hike
1:30–2:30 Lunch
2:30–7:30 Hacking!
7:30–8:30 Dinner
8:30–11:00 Hacking!
11:00–12:00 Social hour and music jam session
September 29th
8:00–9:00 Breakfast
9:00–12:00 Hacking! (Put finishing touches on your hack; update documentation.)
12:00–1:00 Project presentations
1:00–2:00 Lunch and voting
2:00–3:00 Awards and wrap-up
3:00 Rides departing to town
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