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Mike Casey and Anastasya Koshkin

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We have designed a prototype Network Microphone system for live environmental audio streaming from remote locations with no Internet connection. The stream will operate at 44.1kHz Mono with 96kbps Vorbis encoding.

The target environment is the Second College Grant which is a 45 square mile protected region of Northern New Hampshire owned by Dartmouth College with a population of 0. There is a Confluence of three rivers that meet at a waterfall cascade in this region where the remote Network Microphone will be deployed.


The following is a description of the hardware used to construct the prototype.

  1. Arduino UNO as controller run by 9V battery (remote transmitter)
  2. Xbee 900MHz ISM band radio link from remote to base station (20+ Miles? range) using UART comms
  3. Mikroe MP3/Audio Codec board with SPI and IC2 commuication 44.1kHz 96kbps Audio
  4. Electret Condenser Microphone with 1.5V Bias powered by Audio Codec board
  5. Xbee 900MHz receiver to serial port on Base Station computer
  6. Weatherproofing for microhpone, and weatherproof housing.


Low Cost Remote Listening with a Wireless Sensor Network

We proposed making a streaming audio service that operates in remote envronments such as the Dartmouth land grant properties in New Hampshire. The goal is to send a high-quality (44.1kHz mono >=96kbps) live stream of remote audio to the Internet via a wireless sensor network link. We want to stream to the Internet from a remote sensor up to 25 miles from the Internet-enabled base station. We will use the 900MHz ISM band which is FCC-approved for digital radio comms for industrial, scientific, and medical use.

RESULTS: The Audio Codec board and XBee radios are communicating with the Arduino.

The XBee range is good. Theoretically up to 28 Miles, currently » than WiFi range, not tested to edge of range.

The Audio Codec control software can be found here: link

The remote Xbee transmitter and receiver device design and circuits here.

We have chosen a location for our first continuous live stream from a remote location, the Second College Grant in Northern New Hampshire.

Mike C. (

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