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Active Noise Control is now a common technology, in headphones, systems with speakers, and mil./aerospace tech.

The idea is to design open-source hardware/software approach for using active noise cancellation techniques for acoustic/electroacoustic/hybrid experimental music. The motivation comes from the following query:

We have many ways of generating sound from electrical signals in physical space for music performance, why don't we also employ techniques for suppressing it at the same time?

Traditional sound engineering looks at the problem of noise/sound suppression as being one of acoustic design. While there are systems such as Wave-Field Synthesis and Ambisonics, which control the spatialization using “filters,” These systems don't use explicit audio interference in the acoustic/physical space, i.e. all filtering and processing happens prior to the sonic reproduction using loudspeakers.


Acoustic Hacking: I want to broaden this topic to include **any kind of modifications that alter/influence the sound within the space, which would include noise/music/sound suppression.

~S. Topel

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