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Welcome to the HAMR Wiki!

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Final Projects and Awards

Thanks to everyone for an incredibly productive weekend in the countryside! The final projects have all been posted. We all worked under time pressure and many participants may not have had time to fully document their wrk. Please feel free to update your project info.


HAMR-in-the-woods wasn't designed as a competition. However we issued several informal awards:

  • Best research direction: Anastasya Koshkin & Michael Casey, Confluence
  • Best Documentation/Code: CJ Carr, Phonetalicious
  • Honorable Mention, Best Use of Venue Location/Chickens: Ezra Teboul, Sonifying GPS Data

Project Ideas

If you are registered as a HAMR participant, you will have already been issued a username and password. Log in using these credentials. You may create a page by editing this page and creating an internal link using the editor's toolbar. A hyperlink will be created. When the page is visited for the first time, you will have the option of creating the page.

As a reference, you can check out the projects resulting from June's HAMR at LabROSA:

If you do not have a user name and password or have other difficulties/questions, contact Andy Sarroff. (Contact info can be found at the event website.)

  1. Real-Time Embedded Cellular Automata Audio Synthesis making music from one line of C code, real-time synthesis on an Arduino
  2. Neuroinformatics of Music Visualize the difference in brain activity of different musical pieces and genres.
  3. CONFLUENCE - Remote Listening with a Wireless Sensor Network Arduino, xBee, audio codec remote audio sensing to live Internet stream.
  4. Protein Sequence Audiolization Turning protein sequences into audio
  5. Advanced GPS Soundscape Mapping Mapping regions in physical space to sounds, both real and synthetic
  6. sonifying gps data turning gps data into noises!
  7. outdoors installation I'll be assembling small mp3 players+amp+speaker systems in waterproof enclosures and trying to assemble an outdoors sound installation using (mostly?) sounds recorded/produced during the hackathon
  8. the sheep that never sleep let's turn Dubstep 'rises' into Shephard Tones!
  9. Developing/standardizing a low-cost, non-invasive, high S/N measurement system, file format, and repository for biological responses to music & other media I'll bring devices (Neurosky Mindwave EEG headset, galvanic skin response circuit, small camera for measuring pupil response), code, and measurement techniques I've had success with; would love anyone with experience, skills, or interest to contribute!
  10. 1-bit synthesis on an arduino Tristan Perich-style 1-bit synthesis with nothing but an arduino
  11. Seismic data Sonification mapping the seismic data with sound
  12. Gesture data Sonification mapping the Accelerometer data detected by phone with sound
  13. MuSpressor Active noise music control for acoustic/electronic/hybrid experimental music performance
  14. Playable Spectrogram let's use a spectrogram as the basis for an interface to create instruments and compose with them.
  15. Interactive smartphone concert let's make use of audence members' smartphones for more interactive concerts
  16. MockingBird build a digital mocking bird that responds to real birds
  17. soundTracker automatic guide-tracking
  18. gdb+A Extend gdb to play sounds when certain variables are written/read or when a particular instruction is reached (instead of pausing execution)

Other Info

  • Important message about the internet.
  • Visit Ride Shares to offer/ask for rides.*
  • Shuttle info to/from the inn and town.
    • Now includes the list of passengers we expect to take to the inn on Friday.
  • If you will bring one or more instruments for the jam session, list them here.
  • Here is a list of registered attendees, and the organizers' contact info.*
  • Schedule. (Check here for updates rather than the main website.)
  • Venue and travel.
  • Page of hacking resources.
  • Share your photos and recordings to this dropbox please!

* Accessible only if you are logged in.

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