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Hacking Audio and Music Research • September 27–29, 2013 • Hanover, NH

Important Notes:


Music hackathons offer the means to collaborate intensively on music-related software and hardware research projects. Their effectiveness is fostered by the opportunity to forge new relationships and explore creative hacking ideas.

Columbia University’s LabROSA recently held a music hackathon having an emphasis on musical audio analysis, processing, and synthesis. The event, called Hacking Audio and Music Research (HAMR), further underscored academic research, good documentation, and open-sourced code. Columbia’s HAMR was a resounding success and we at Dartmouth College would like to carry the torch.



September 27th

2:00–4:00 Arrive at venue, check in.
4:00–6:00 Introductions, project pitches, and keynote speaker
6:00–7:00 Dinner
7:00–11:00 Hacking! (Use this time to form teams and plan your hack.)
9:00–11:00 Performance by Tristan Perich and The Meehan/Perkins
Percussion Duo. (Optional, transportation will be
provided. More information.)
11:00–12:00 Social hour and music jam session

September 28th

8:00–9:00 Breakfast
9:00–1:00 Hacking!
12:00–1:00 Optional guided hike
1:00–2:00 Lunch
2:00–6:00 Hacking!
5:00–6:00 Optional guided hike
6:00–7:00 Dinner
7:00–11:00 Hacking!
11:00–12:00 Social hour and music jam session

September 29th

8:00–9:00 Breakfast
9:00–12:00 Hacking! (Put finishing touches on your hack; update
12:00–1:00 Project presentations
1:00–2:00 Lunch and voting
2:00–3:00 Awards and wrap-up


Registration is necessary for participation. We encourage anyone who’s interested to register. If slots fill up, we are required by our sponsors to prioritize equal attendence by current undergraduate and graduate students. Our sponsors will incur a per-person cost based upon the final registration count. We therefore urge you to cancel your registration if your plans change.

Register at Eventbrite.

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Participants are asked to arrive at the Inn between 3 and 4 PM on Friday, September 27. At 4 PM, we will lead an introductory welcome talk, followed by a short keynote talk. Afterwards participants will have an opportunity to present their hacking ideas and recruit team members. Hacking begins after dinner. A social hour will ensue at 11 PM, accompanied by impromptu music playing (possibly by a fire pit!).

The bulk of the hacking will occur on Saturday. We will arrange one or two voluntary guided hikes with the innkeepers. These hikes will allow us to clear our heads and discuss our ideas outdoors in a nontraditional setting. Another social hour will wrap up Saturday evening.

Participants will be encouraged to spend Sunday morning documenting their work on the wiki. Each group will present their final hack before lunch. During lunch participants will vote on awards. The award ceremony will occur after lunch. Participants will vacate the Inn by 3 PM.


The Pierce’s Inn is located in Etna, NH. There is lodging capacity for up to 40 guests and ample work space. Six meals will be provided. (Dietary constraints can be given at the registration site.) Hiking trails are located nearby and there is a large lawn to throw a frisbee, play croquet, or kick a soccer ball around. There is a drum set and piano on the premises. We encourage guests to bring their instruments.


The Dartmouth Coach has daily busses to/from New York and Boston. We have arranged the hackathon schedule so that it begins shortly after the first bus from NY arrives on Friday and ends shortly before the last bus to NY departs on Sunday. The Dartmouth Coach to/from New York requires reservations. We suggest that tickets are booked early (they may be cancelled up to a day before travel).

We will provide shuttles or some other means of transportation to/from the Dartmouth Coach bus stop and Pierce’s Inn.

Other travel options include Amtrak (beware: the schedule is not very reliable), Greyhound, and Cape Air out of the Lebanon airport. We encourage participants to post on the HAMR discussion group to offer or request car rides.


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