About the Baker Bells

Ernest Martin Hopkins, Dartmouth College President 1916-1945, Class of 1901, had visited Oxford and Cambridge and was much impressed with the bell-ringing on those campuses. When Baker Library was constructed, a trustee, Clarence B. Little, Class of 1881, donated $40,000 for a set of bells to be placed in the tower of the Library, in order to please President Hopkins.

Meneely Bell Company of Troy, New York built a bespoke 15-bell set. The bells vary in size from 200 to 5,300 pounds. They range an octave and a half on the scale, playing every note in that range, except E flat.

The bells first rang in 1928. They were rung manually for the first year. The following year, William Durrschmidt, an instrument maker and Professor of Music, invented an automation system from three machines and a clock. It was similar to the mechanism of a player piano, where holes are punched into a roll of paper and the locations of the holes triggered the bell mechanism. There was also a keyboard in the tower, so people could play "instantaneous music" on the bells.

In 1979, the bells were computerized. Two students designed a system to run the bells, as the system and the paper rolls used for the first 50 years were starting to wear out.

A 16th bell was donated in 1981 in memory of Donal F. Morse '51. Money was also provided for the maintenance of the system and to provide payment for a bell ringer.

The bells currently run via a remote Internet connection on a "Mac mini" computer in the tower that runs custom-designed software written by graduate students in the Master of Arts program in Digital Musics who are supervised by Prof. Michael Casey. The software and hardware is maintained and updated regularly by the students.

Bells ring the time on the hour and half hour. Songs are played three times a day - the alma mater at 6pm, and varying pieces during intervals between classes. Songs can be requested by e-mailing "Bells". If you are requesting a song that is already in the song database, it takes a day or two to program it. Songs can be scheduled for any time except on the hour.

Some current favorites:

  • Barbie Girl
  • My Old Kentucky Home
  • Pomp and Circumstance
  • Tired of Being Alone
  • Happy Birthday
  • Hey Jude

Dartmouth College is one of the few locations that still uses real bells instead of recordings or synthesizers. Bells are turned each year so that the hammers don't wear out the same spot on each bell, and we can be guaranteed the enjoyment of these real bells for years to come.

Check out the Office of Alumni Relations For More Information: Alumni Relations Bells Information.

Baker Bells Requests

The Baker Bells staff accept requests from the Dartmouth community for songs to be played on specific dates / times. Choose from the list of songs below, or the carilloneur can prepare new songs if your requested song is not in the list of available songs.

Requests range from "Happy Birthday" to contempory popular songs. Not all song requests can easily be prepared for the Baker bells, due to the limited range and pitch classes available. Some time and effort are required to program new songs so lead time is appreciated.

To request a song, send an e-mail to Bells at Dartmouth. Please include in your request the following information:

  • your name,
  • the full name of your requested song,
  • if time sensitive, the date and time to play the song,.
  • any pertinent dedication/celebration information.
  The carilloneur will respond in due course to let you know the outcome of your request.

List of Songs (Indicative)

Change Methods

Hunting Course Triple
Place Triples


Jesu Joy Of Man's Desiring
Simple Gifts

Dartmouth Songs

Alma Mater
As The Backs Go Tearing By
Come Stand Up Men
Dartmouth Undying
Dartmouth's In Town Again
Dear Old Dartmouth
Glory To Dartmouth
Hanover Winter Song
Pea Green
Son Of A Gun
Twilight Song

Holiday Songs

Away In A Manger
Deck The Halls
Joy To The World

National Songs

America The Beautiful
America With Gongs
Bavarian Anthem
German Anthem
My Country, Tis Of Thee
Star Spangled Banner

Other Songs

America The Beautiful
Hedwig's Theme
Hogwart's Forever
My Old Kentucky Home
On My Own
Reeling In The Years
Staying Alive
Tired Of Being Alone

Popular Songs

All The Things You Are
Bright Sunshiney Day
California Dreamin
California Here I Come
Dancing Queen
Dont Know Why
Feelin' Groovy
For The Longest Time
Forrest Gump
Happy Together
Hells Bells
Hey Jude
Hi Ho! Hi Ho!
House Rising Sun
I Left My Heart In San Francisco
I'll Be Seeing You
Imperial March
In Your Eyes
Indiana Jones Theme
It Might As Well Be Spring
Jeopardy! Theme
Lean On Me
Norwegian Wood
Oh Darlin
Ong Dal Sehm
Row Your Boat
Salty Dog Rag
Something Good
Somewhere Rainbow
Stand By Me
Star Trek Theme
Strawberry Fields Forever
With A Little Help From My Friends
Yellow Submarine
You Are My Sunshine

Special Songs

Bridal Chorus
G Major Scale
Going To The Chapel
Happy Birthday
Old Pomp & Circumstance
One Minute G
One Minute Of C
One Minute Of D
Pomp And Circumstance
Twenty Minutes F
Wedding March