Music, Mind, and Brain Research

Mapping musical and auditory representational space with functional neuroimaging.
(Joint with Psychological and Brain Sciences, and the Center for Neuroimaging at Dartmouth College)

Content-Based Music Analysis, Software Frameworks, and Tools

BREGMAN: Music and Multimedia Analysis Toolkit in Python
(Google, NEH, Neukom Institute)
ACTION: Audio-visual Cinematic Toolbox for Interaction, Organization, and Navigation.
(National Endowment for the Humanities, NEH)
AudioDB: scalable content-based audio search engine
(EPSRC, Neukom Institute for Computational Science)
Soundspotter: real-time feature-based searching and synthesis
(Bregman Music and Audio Research Studio)
Search by Groove: rhythm retrieval by groove similarity
(Google Faculty Research Award, Google Inc.)
Navigating and Managing Very Large Music Collections
(EPSRC, Yahoo! Research Alliance Award)
Online Music Recognition and Searching II (OMRAS2)
(EPSRC EP/E02274X/1)
SeMMA: High-Level Music Structure Analysis and Extraction
(EPSRC GR/S84750/01)
Information Dynamics of Music
(EPSRC GR/S82220/01)
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